he might forget your anniversary but we wont

You know how it goes, when you’ve been in a relationship for a while, things start to slide a bit. The toilet seat gets left up, no one wants to admit it’s their turn to do the chores, new hairstyles or clothes go unnoticed, important occasions come and go without a gift.
At Protea Fire & Ice! hotels it’s the 180 degree opposite. Working on the assumption that every GUEST will eventually become a regular, because it’s just that great to stay at the Protea Hotel Fire & Ice!, the STAFF pay attention right from their first visit, filing away every vital bit of information they can and building on it the more you stay.
With frequent GUESTS the STAFF will know what you generally order at the bar and what sort of food you like. They’ll also remember to make a fuss if you’re staying in the hotel over your birthday. It’s like getting to know a person on a first date - but better.
So instead of getting a generic fruit basket in your room next time you’re there, at Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! you might find things like a bar voucher for your favourite drink, or the extra blankets you requested during your last stay.
“We have a regular guest who only eats green jelly beans, so we ensure there is a bowl of green jelly beans in his room every time he stays,” says Protea Hotel Fire & Ice Cape Town’s general manager Johan Cronje.
“We have had a GUEST’s surname printed onto the back of a football jersey from his favourite team and placed it the room on arrival, and on another occasion we organised a picnic on Signal Hill (with all the bells and whistles) for a GUEST who told us he was planning on proposing to his girlfriend while they were in Cape Town.”
The STAFF at Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! Melrose Arch have provided GUESTS with singing telegrams, giant bunnies delivering Easter eggs, and they pull out all the stops when a GUEST wants to use its secluded romantic pods for intimate anniversary, engagement and private dinners, with rose petals and scented candles specially designed for the occasion.
Regular visitors’ birthdays are celebrated with personalised hand written cards, cakes, fruit platters and bubbly or sparkling soft drink. To make the person feel even more special, balloons and a birthday sign can be put up in the reception area. The same goes for anniversaries.
The more you stay at Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! the more at home you become. They won’t give you an office and a title but you will feel like part of the family, and you’ll eventually have an official Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! robe with your name embroidered on it, which you can wear downstairs to breakfast.
“Any GUEST is more than welcome to do this,” says Cronje with a smile. “The other GUESTS might stare, but the staff certainly won’t!”
At Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! it’s about growing the family. Only through creating memorable experiences in the hotels with their unforgettable and unique 1:1 service culture, does that bond grow and the Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! family keeps expanding.



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